RCPRO Elfin 3-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal For Gopro Size Camera

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Product Description

RCPRO Elfin 3-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal for Gopro SJ4000 SJ6000

Stabilization frequency: 5200HZ
Input voltage(DC): 9V~13V(3S Lipo)
Tilt travel: +-90degree
Rolling travel: +-45 degree
YAW travel: 350 degree
Auto Pilot System supporting is not required
Built in 3 axis Gyroscope sensors
Gimbal control: Alexmos basecame 8 BIT
You can directly charge for GOPRO
Ultra-light weight, the whole weight is 178g
AV OUT, video output directly


1. Heading follow-up mode (heading Flower me mode): pitch and roll lock, heading rotation following the direction with a smooth hand
2. The heading and pitch servo mode (heading and pitching Flower me mode): Roll locked, heading and pitch direction as the direction of rotation of smooth hand-held
3. Lock Mode (Lock Mode): heading, pitch and roll are locked

Q & A

Q: Is this a pre-calibrated version?
A: Yes,it is pre-calibrated, once you receive it, it can work good.

Q: Can it charge for GOPRO?
A: Yes.

Q: How to deal with the video image transmission?
A: Plug the GOPRO vedio interface directly at the top of the head shock absorption, then VOUT, VGND connect the correspond ports of image transmission.

Q: Can it work for DJI Phantom?
A: It work for DJI PHANTOM2, and can not compatible with PHANTOM 1.

Package Includes:

1 x Gimbal
2 x Load Mount
4 x Anti-drop kit
1 x Fixed part for camera
10 x M3*6 Screw
4 x M2.5*15 isolation pillar
1 x Manual

Weight 600 kg

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